Monday, July 11, 2005


Things have been busy lately... it seems all I do is work, but yet - nothing gets accomplished. My 'to do' list at work is a mile long. Boo to responsibility.

I went on Kim's pub crawl with her Saturday night, and I she helped me bleach my hair Friday night. Both experiences were quite pleasent. Sunday - not so much...

Kim and I ended up stumbling upon a great hip-hop show Saturday after the pub crawl. We were going to head to the Palace to dance the nigt away, but ended up getting stopped by a bunch of guys on the way. They said that since the bar was dead, they had waved the cover charge and the show was free. Not being able to turn down the word free, we decided to go in. So we ended up watching the rest on Universal Soul's set and then part of the next band's set. Sadly, I don't remember what the second band was called. We had to leave part way through as I wasn't feeling well, and Kimmy was tired. Well worth the time though. I will definitely be checking out Universal Soul again as soon as I can.

Anyway - I just thought I'd update real quick like. I'm off to bed because I work in the mornin'.

Night all!