Wednesday, June 01, 2005

whee! two posts in one day!

Within only minutes of each other!


1) Pearl Jam - September 22, 2005.... and I will motherfacken' be there!
2) I have a toothache and it sucks shit!
3) I bought April a scarf for her birthday, but Pengui was jealous, so I gave it to him. He loves it.
4) I still haven't sent April's pressie, because it's going to be crazy expensive and I am broke ass.
5) I need to learn to budget.
6) Stephanie bought me a hat and new Vans socks in Florida. Good times.
7) I want to go to Florida.
8) I want to have Bam Margera's babies, but I really have no idea why.
9) I am thinking about writing a screen play about a porn star, casting myself in the lead role, in hopes I could get Bam to sign on as my co-star.
10) I have been listening to The Rasmus a lot over the last two days. I forgot I had the cd.
11) I miss Newfie April.
12) I confused a fox for a squirrel the other day.
13) I have been eating waay too many Oreos.
14) I am getting crazy stressed out because the asshole I work with won't do anything, so I have to do three times as much work. It's a problem considering how lazy I am.
15) I met David Usher and got my picture taken with him birthday weekend.
16) Jeff Martin (Tea Party) was so close to me while he was playing guitar, he flug his hair and got sweat in my eye. It was sexy.
17) I met a cute boy at the concert who looked like a smaller red headed version of Dax Sheppard. He was really nice, and so was his sister. We went for coffee after the show.
18) I am thinking about doing a picture post soon.
19) I'm pretty sure I'd do Angelina Joli given the chance - despite not being into women... is that weird?
20) I have run out of random!

In closing:
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Blogger Missy The Moo said...

i want to go to florida too! lets go!!

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