Sunday, May 01, 2005

Vacation?? YAY!

So my boss told me last week that since I am not the assistant manager and have been full time staff for almost a year, I have to take a week's vacation by the middle of August. I mentioned this to Kimmy, and she suggested going back to Vancouver for a week - and that she should come with me. She also has vacation time coming to her, so we decided that was a damn good plan. I'm going to leave a message on Meegee's blog and see if Limblifter are planning on playing any shows in Vancouver in July or the beginning of August to help me decide when would be the best time to go. I would hate to be in Vancouver one week and find out they either just played or are playing the next week.

I can't wait to go back! This time plans will be made to hang out with Missy and hopefully Illy and her girlfriend Hayley. Hopefully this time I will get to see more of the scenery and take a few more pictures.

Not completely sure it's going to happen yet though, so I'll have to keep you all posted!

I'm so excited!


Blogger Missy The Moo said...

YAAAAh i can't wait for u to come here!!!! and u well deffently see mooore and cows too!!!:):):):)MOOYAH!

12:33 PM  
Blogger wanda_from_halifax said...

Mooyah! I like that!

2:50 PM  

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