Saturday, April 09, 2005

she had eyes bright enough to burn me...

I have decided that Bright Eyes is my favorite solo artist, even though Bright Eyes may or may not be a solo artist. Either way - I like Bright Eyes. I'm Wide Awake It's Morning is likely my favorite album released so far this year, pretty much on the strength of Landlocked Blues - which features the guest vocals of one of my all time favorite singers, Emmylou Harris. Wow - that was quite the run on sentence. Or was it? Who even knows.

I haven't slept in what feels like forever, so everything is starting to get sketchy. It was times like these that inspired some of my best writing, yet, all I feel compelled to write is this update. Go figure. Maybe I'll stay up a bit longer and see what happens. Maybe I'll stay up a bit longer and watch a movie. Maybe I'll just stay up and update random online journals I haven't updated in ages. I'm leaning closer to the journal thing.

I'm in one of those, I really want to watch a movie, but I have no idea what I'm in the mood to watch type of moods. I really needed to say mood more in that sentence.

In other Wanda related news, while on my break at work the other day, I stopped by the pet store to check out their selection of birds and rodents, when I was told the gentleman that worked there had just bought a large boa constrictor (spelling?). Now, I have such a thing for snakes it is not even funny, so when he asked if I wanted to hold it, I jumped at the chance. It seemed to like me, as it coiled itself around my purse and wouldn't let go. Sadly, that did not mean the snake had chosen me, and I got to keep him for free.

It was a sad day. I would have named him Big Ass Snake and I would have loved him forever.

Speaking of loving forever - I got a new plush duckie the other day, as well as a cow, a lamb and several small care bears wearing bunny ears. I have not named them yet. If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them. I'll post pictures if I ever feel well enough on a day off to clean up my room so I can get to my computer tower to plug in my camera cord and upload pictures. I still have a picture I tool of Pengi in the plane on the way home from BC that I want to post.

I have been working all the time lately, and it's really wearing me out. This working for a living is for the birds. That is, if birds could work for a living instead of being busy flying around and being bird-like. When I finally got home today after ten hours on my feet, it felt nearly orgasmic to sit down. I have worked far too many ten hour shifts in a row with little sitting time in between. My legs and back ache. It's all good though. That's more money in my, "Get the Hell Out of Here" fund. I'm going to buy dishes for the apartment I will eventually have. I figure start buying things now, so when the time comes to move, I will have less to worry about.

I heard back about the journalism program I was looking at taking, but unfortunately my english marks were too low in high school The woman I was speaking to is going to try to work something out so I can take upgrading via e-mail since it is only one course, and a mostly written course at that.

My guilty pleasure is The Simple Life. I watched the Season Two dvd, and I laughed. A lot. Those two females go against pretty much everything I stand for, yet somehow I don't hate them. I feel dirty, but I suppose it's fine as long as I don't start saying, "That's hot" and "Loves it" all the time. It's good to feel dirty every now and then anyway. It reminds us we're human.

Or something.

I like making new paragraphs when new paragraphs don't need to be made.

I sometimes I wonder why I post in online journals. I have three now, as well as a different blogger account to which I forget the password/e-mail address for. No one ever comments and I doubt anyone reads, but hey - I guess.

There isn't really a point.

Yay random lyrics!

You follow
The footsteps
Echoes leading
Down a hall
To a room
There's music playing
Tiny bells with
Moving parts.
Here the shadows
Make things ugly
An effect quite undesirable.
The bold
And yellow daylight
Grows like ivy across the wall

And bounces off of the painted porcelain, tiny dancing doll.
Her body spins, as she pirouettes again, the world suddenly seems small.

On an off white,
Subtle morning
You stretch your legs in
The front seat.
The road
Has made a vacuum
Where our voices
Used to be.
And you lay your head onto my shoulder,
Pour like water over me.

So if I just exist for the next ten minutes of this drive that would be fine.
And all the trees that line this curb would be rejoicing and alive.

Soon all the joy that pours from everything makes fountains of your eyes
Because you finally understand the movement of a hand waving you good-bye.

- The Movement of A Hand - Bright Eyes


Blogger The Chairman said...

Rant and rave. Rave and drool. Drool and rant. Drave and rool......Dave and Grohl!

Hey Wanda.
I remember you, as in I remember someone had passed out from the Heat of being in that Club in Halifax.
Was that the Halloween gig?
I think the indoor shows do have a bit more compassion for people's comfort issues.
I'm glad you were taken care of.

We met Bubbles that night.
He was cool and a good guy to hang out with.

The woman with the Camera was a first class dope!
She wanted to take video.....didn't ask to....and when our people tried to question her and take the film away, she had a SPAZZ-A-MATAZZ of the highest order, and then her dope of a boyfriend got all upity too.
"I'm a student of film, MAN. And where are MY rights?"
Well, some people just don't get it.
If I or you or anyone has to explain why this is just wrong (Hot Tip:ask first) then you don't get it.

I agree that the crowds at THE MARQUEE in Halifax are great!!!
I love that club.
One of my fondest memories was when we had the night off and we went up to watch the GREAT "JOEL PLASKETT EMERGENCY".
That was awesome.
The crowd was as well.
I felt honored to be in one of the Great Canadian Music Cities and watching one of their prodigal sons perform and kick ass for his hometown crowd..........who were excited, attentive and respectful of Joel and his band mates performence.
Taurus Eh?
Me Too.
Look into some more West Coast Canadian Bands......there are a couple of cool ones missing.
thanks for writing.


11:22 PM  
Blogger Meegee said...

hey wanda
update your blog
just kiddin

4:23 PM  
Blogger wanda_from_halifax said...

Thanks for the stopping by the site!

Always good to be remembered as the girl who passed out. It was in fact on Halloween, and despite the loss of consciousness I had a great time.

Bubbles is a good guy. I have yet to meet him myself, but I know a few people who have met him that said it was good times. I waited on two of the Trailer Park Boys once, but sadly, I don't have tv, so I had no idea who they were. My boss didn't let me live it down for weeks.

Woman with the camera - not much left to be said about that. You pretty much nailed it.

The Marquee is my favorite club in Halifax, and I was so sad to hear it was going to close it's doors. I guess it's only a live show venue now, but I'm not sure. I haven't heard anything about it in a while.

I love Joel Plaskett but sadly have not had the chance to see him live. It seems that something always happens that I'm not able to go to his shows - even though he plays in Halifax all the time. It occurs to me I have seen MG and Limblifter three times each in the last year alone, but have never seen Joel.

As far as West Coast bands go, I know there are a bunch I'm forgetting. I can't wait until I'm out there for good and get the chance to see more of the music scene in action. Maybe even take part! I'm not saying we don't have some amazing bands here (Wintersleep and Air Traffic Control spring to mind) but... I don't know... the scene itself just doesn't seem the same. Maybe I'll change my mind once I'm there.

Oh! There was a band you mentioned when I met you in Halifax, but I can't remember what you said they were called. We were talking about The Odds at the time I think. Not sure if that helps at all.

And Meegee - thanks for stopping by. I feel like much less of a blogger reject now.

8:29 PM  

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