Thursday, March 17, 2005

I Know I Was Born and I Know I'll Die - The Inbetween Is Mine... I Am Mine.

A few things about me since I can't figure out how to make a profile.

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This is me with my best buddy Pengui. He enjoys traveling via plane and snuggling. He does not enjoy mean people or small enclosed places. My cat is frightened of his - as well he should be. Pengui ain't no light weight! Me-fucking-ow!

Despite the above trash talk (Pengui's words - not mine) I love my cat. Pathetic? Yes. True? See previous answer. He's an adorable, if not tubby, little guy. Granted he is psycho and his favorite passtimes include knawing on my bare hand and attacking my feet when I leave expect it. His name is Nico and he rules all. (Yes - Velvet Underground refrence. Yes, I am aware Nico from VU is a girl)

I am tired of typing. A few miscelanious things you should know about me (in point form due to laziness):

  • I like squirrels.
  • My eyes change color. (they really don't, but it would be pretty cool if they did)
  • Music is my life.
  • Writing is my passion.
  • I hate people who smack their lips. Close your fucking mouth when you eat Damnit!
  • I work in a music store.
  • I got bit by a poisonous spider and now have to take pills.
  • I hate spiders.
  • I loved BC when I was there and want to move there forever and ever.
  • I am waaaay too poor to move to BC and live there forever and ever.
  • Limblifter is my favorite band ever.
  • Aside from Bright Eyes.
  • And Wintersleep.
  • And a few other bands.
  • But Limblifter is really, really good.
  • I am writing a book.
  • This is not actually in point form.
  • I am going to bed.


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- I forgot to spell check.

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Hey MOo! I like cheese

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